UENDURE Eco-Friendly Bamboo & Glass Tumbler

UENDURE Eco-Friendly Bamboo & Glass Tumbler

All-New Premium Bamboo & Glass Tumbler

Inarguably, many people start their morning with a fresh brew of their favorite beverage, some like coffee, some like tea and quite a few like an ice cold coke for breakfast...go figure! 

There are others who prefer enjoying their favorite drink while driving to work, school or the gym. Either way, you need tumblers that are easy to handle whether your liquid is hot or cold. Whether indoors or out, UENDURE has you covered.  Today we are featuring our newest member of the eco-friendly collection. With the growing popularity of bamboo products and sustainable living, this is a win-win!

If you are in search of an elegant tumbler that is cute and efficient, then opt for the UENDURE Bamboo & Glass  tumblers. 

This article takes a detailed look at some of the outstanding features of this tumbler. Read on to learn why these tumblers are such a great investment.

bamboo glass tumbler

Made from high-quality materials

An excellent reason to invest in this tumbler is the materials used in its development; borosilicate glass and natural bamboo. Borosilicate glass is a type of natural glass widely preferred because of its high quality and resistance to corrosion. It is less likely to crack compared to regular glass and can withstand high temperatures. Plus, the bamboo material is hygienic and is free from traces of hazardous chemicals, unlike many of the  traditional tumblers. 

Stylish design

  • Generally, humans love beautiful things. This desire explains why we invest a lot of time and effort into getting our home décor right or spend hours trying to find the most aesthetic crockeries. 
  • One look at the UENDURE bamboo cocktail glass tumblers, and you will instantly agree that they are elegant. Because of the natural bamboo materials, part of the appeal is that no two glasses are identical which gives an even more authentic touch. These tumblers look exotic and exude class, making them very attractive for any occasion. They just don’t look amazing but also feel comfortable in your hands. 


    • Unlike regular glass tumblers, the UENDURE  bamboo cocktail glass tumblers are BPA-free and non-toxic. BPA is the acronym of an organic compound that is dangerous to our  health in that it can interfere and alter processes in the body. Because these tumblers are BPA-free, you don’t have to worry about it leaching out when you have a beverage in it. 
    • Similarly, the bamboo used in making the tumbler is obtained from natural and high-quality bamboo fiber. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, and it’s cultivated without any pesticides or insecticides, thus making them safe to drink from. 


    • This is another huge benefit of these bamboo cocktail glass tumblers. In a world where environmental protection is becoming relevant by the day, it is important for everyone to make the conscious decision to use greener products. Borosilicate glass is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled endlessly. It has an unlimited life and can be melted and recycled again and again to make new glass.
    • Bamboo is also eco-friendly because it is from a renewable source, and it is biodegradable, taking only 4-6 months to decompose completely. So if you’re looking for a way to contribute to saving our planet, you just got one!

    Protects your hands

    • An extra perk of buying this bamboo cocktail glass tumbler is that the days of enduring iced drink condensation while holding a tumbler will be over.  The bottom portion is made of durable bamboo, which can help protect your hands whether your drink is hot or ice cold. 


    If you’ve read this far,  I think you will agree that these tumblers aren’t just stylish,  but also have a high perceived value. They provide pure drinking and are pretty comfortable to hold, and very reasonably priced...so what’s not to love about them? 

    Go ahead and treat yourself, your friends, and even your colleagues at work. They make a wonderful housewarming gift as well!

    Cheers! 🍵

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