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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS We have compiled your most popular questions and consulted with our experts to bring you our best answers! Question 1: Does green tea contain caffeine? Answer: Yes, caffeine is present in green tea.  It is highly influenced by the types of leaves they originated from and their brewing time. The exact amount of caffeine in different green tea blends depends on how you prepare your tea. Because green tea also contains the calming amino acid called L-Theanine, you do not get coffee-like jitters. Another benefit of green tea is that it's been proven to improve...

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Evening and Night Time Sippers Beyond Coffee or Wine

If you are a person who loves to sip on something with flavor in the evenings, including just before you go to bed, you want to limit the caffeine and alcohol intake.  Both of those drinks can adversely affect your ability to have a good night's sleep. Here are a few night time sipping options to enjoy. Of course, there’s always water or a low-cal drink like Crystal Light in many flavors, but there are quite a few more appealing options for you to consider. Teas: Herbal and green teas with little or no caffeine are great; you can even make...

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20 Popular Japanese Teas

Types of Japanese Green Tea

20 Popular Japanese Teas Japan has centuries of history with the humble tea leaf. The country produces hundreds of varieties and grades of tea based on a variety of growing and processing situations. Tea grown in the shade, steam-pressed, pan-fired or sun-dried. Tea from all parts of the plant including the buds, leaves, tips, sticks or stems. Tea that been powdered or curled into a ball. Tea that's combined with rice or kelp. Tea that's harvested on a particular date. It's not only about the tea. Tea is a lively and large aspect of Japanese culture. For example, Japanese Tea...

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Health Benefits Of Tea

The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Tea One of the well-known health benefits of tea is increased antioxidant activities within the body. Antioxidants help to stabilize free radicals. Free radicals can cause significant damage (and disease) to the body, including cancers, heart disease and illnesses. When a larger amount of free radicals are housed in the body, a domino effect can occur creating increasing damage within the body. Drinking tea on a regular basis can provide wonderful antioxidant benefits for the body. Antioxidant Benefits Differ Teas come in four different varieties and the antioxidant benefits differ with each one. For example,...

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