In Sickness and In Tea - How a Cup of Healing Tea Changed My Life

In Sickness and In Tea - How a Cup of Healing Tea Changed My Life

Let me take you on the journey that led me to become a Wellness Tea Connoisseur.

Every January I come up with a word or theme for my year. By doing so, it propels me into a mindset that allows me to create the reality I desire.

In 2023 my word for the year was Collaboration. Once I placed that mindset into the Universe, collaborative relationships seemed to fall into my lap!

After meditating on it, I have decided that my word for 2024, is Expansion. For me to expand, I will need to be accessible to a larger community. That includes me getting to know you, and you getting to know more about me.

A few people have heard about my journey that started out horrifically, but led me into the world of wellness through teas.

Many of you have not heard my story and I think this is a good time to introduce myself:

My Name is Robin and I am affectionately referred to as The Tea Lady.

Here is my tea story:

On a cold February morning in 2006, my life took an unexpected turn when I faced a debilitating sickness that left me searching for a cure. Suddenly without warning, my body was covered in painful red lesions from head to toe. I was horrified. There was no explanation for this sudden attack on my body.

First I took the traditional route and went to my family doctor. After my doctor sent me to an army of specialists who could not find the cause or definition of my affliction. That meant they could not provide me with a treatment or cure.That is when I decided to pursue alternative healing methods. It was during this challenging period that discovered the transformative power of tea, setting me on a path to becoming a dedicated tea connoisseur and holistic healer who is obsessed with natural remedies.

My journey into the world of tea began after my health crisis forced me to explore unconventional avenues for recovery. Unfortunately traditional Western medicine offered no remedy for my issue, which prompted me to delve into the world of holistic healing.

In my quest for proven therapies, I encountered a Chinese herbalist whose expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient wisdom would prove pivotal in my healing journey.

The herbalist introduced me to the power of healing tea by carefully crafting a custom blend to address my specific health concern. Through this experience, I not only regained my physical well-being but also developed a profound appreciation for the art and science of healing tea. It was a revelation – that a simple cup of tea could hold the key to restoring health, balance, and vitality.

Inspired by my own healing, I felt a calling to share these miraculous benefits of tea with others. After this remarkable experience,

I embarked on a new chapter of my life, immersing myself in the world of tea cultivation, production, and consumption. As a long-time tea drinker, my passion for holistic healing became intertwined with my existing love for tea, leading me to explore more 
therapeutic properties of various herbs and natural remedies.

The foundation of my journey as a tea connoisseur lies in the belief that nature provides potent tools for healing. Harnessing the ancient wisdom passed down through generations, I began curating a collection of teas that not only soothed the senses, but also nurtured the body and mind. Each blend was meticulously crafted, drawing on the knowledge of herbal traditions from around the world.

As my expertise in tea grew, so did my commitment to holistic well-being. I established myself as a practitioner of holistic healing, offering alternatives that incorporated personalized tea blends, herbal remedies, and lifestyle adjustments. My clients experienced the profound impact of these natural interventions, reinforcing my conviction in the healing power of tea. Instead of chemicals, there are many herbal remedies that can support anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Beyond the physical benefits, tea is also a medium for fostering mindfulness and spiritual connection. On a personal note, I find myself lost without a cup of tea close by. It's so nurturing for my soul. Tea has become my constant companion throughout the day.

The ritual of brewing and savoring a cup of tea became a therapeutic practice in itself, encouraging a moment of pause in our fast-paced lives. This mindful approach to tea consumption aligned harmoniously with the principles of holistic living that I promote daily.

robin pouring a cup of tea

Over the years, my journey as a tea connoisseur has evolved into a mission to empower others on their paths to well-being. Through ‘Tea Talks’, Community events, podcasting, and online platforms, I share my knowledge of teas, herbs, and holistic practices.

The tea blends I offer are not merely beverages; they are invitations to join me on this holistic journey toward the balance of peaceful well-being and vitality

So you see, my business of tea was born out of a personal healing experience that transformed my life. From overcoming illness to embracing the art and science of tea, my story is a testament to the transformative power of nature's remedies that I call “God’s Pharmacy”.
As I continue on this path, my mission is to inspire others to discover the profound health potential within a simple cup.

At the seasoned age of 63, I am grateful to share that I am on ZERO medications. I go to God's medicine cabinet for my healing.  Tea…it’s not just for drinking!

With love,

The Tea Lady💚

Through Robin's leadership, UENDURE Tea Company has become a multi award-winning tea brand. UENDURE has been featured in television and print media outlets such as KPRC Channel 2 Houston Life, KHOU Channel 11 Great Day Houston with Deborah Duncan, International Focus Magazine, Voyage Houston magazine, Canvas Rebel magazine and more.

You can find her published articles in CaliDiet magazine: and 

International Focus magazine:

Robin has been awarded two US Congressional Awards of Recognition for her Community Service contributions and for Excellence in International Business. She has also received the Houston International Trade Development Council award for Outstanding International Business.

She has worked with local celebrities including a world-renown musician and environmental artist, to create their own branded tea blends.
Robin co-hosts a weekly wellness podcast called 'How You Livin' which can be found on all podcast platforms, including YouTube. She loves to engage with her audience and has spoken at numerous tea events touting the amazing healing properties of tea.
Robin is often asked to participate in community events, mindful markets, tea tastings, book signings and has been invited to share her tea health journey with the guests of 'Tea with Judge V' at the historic King David Hotel in Houston.
Robin's various tea projects are diverse and exciting. Here is a look at some of her favorite projects:
The famed Tea Wall at The Cochran Oriental Tea Lounge and Vacation Home:
Envioronmental Art Collaboration with Artist Charles Washington

Got Questions?
If you would like more information on the healthy benefits of tea or want to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, contact Robin at:

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