Tea + Matcha Blends Q&A


Q: What is Sencha?

A: Sencha is made from young green tea leaves that are cultivated in direct sunlight and harvested in the first or second flush of the season. Once the tea leaves are been picked, they are steamed to prevent oxidation. The leaves are then dried and hand rolled, a process known as "temomi".


Q: How does it taste?

A: Our Sencha is lightly steamed, a process known as "Asamushi". This creates a grassy/earthy flavor with subtle bitterness and sweetness. The flavor is not overwhelming like other brands. It's light and refreshing. Some have called it the best green tea they've tried!


Q: What are the health benefits of Sencha?

A: Sencha tea possesses a high content of antioxidants and polyphenols. The high levels are known to target free radical cells in the body which can lead to a stronger immune system, increased metabolism, lowering of bad cholesterol & blood sugar, reduction of skin aging and the prevention of disease.


Q: What is Matcha?

A: Matcha is premium green tea powder made from tea plants that are blocked from the sun during the last few weeks of their growth. The "Tencha" leaves are destemmed and ground into a fine powder called matcha.

Image showing the difference between green tea leaves and matcha powder


Q: How does Matcha taste?

A: Similar to a fine wine, not all matcha taste the same. It ranges from bitter, to savory to sweet. Combined with our Sencha tea, our matcha provides a smooth, sweet flavor.


Q: What are the health benefits of Matcha?

A: Unlike Sencha, where nutrients are only extracted from the leaves during the brewing process, with Matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf. This provides an increased amount of antioxidants and polyphenols (similar to Sencha above) and the amino acids, L-theanine, which is know to promote focus, concentration and relaxation.