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The growing fascination with organic green tea is quickly becoming a global phenomenon; and has been growing steadily over the past decade. Given the multitude of beverage selections, it might be worthwhile to take into consideration the positive impacts of everyday green tea consumption. The many health benefits may be an indication of why so many tea lovers are becoming true believers in all things organic…and especially their tea. Below are just a few of the positive health benefits of drinking organic tea. Because of the powerfully awesome properties of green tea over other variations, that's my focus for the benefit of this article.


In understanding that consuming tea has lots of health benefits, it might be worthwhile to delve into what mainly identifies organic tea. To qualify as organic tea, the tea must have been grown on a licensed organic plantation farm. In order for the plantations to qualify as all natural and organic, the farmers cannot utilize chemical treatments or pesticides. The soil where the tea leaves are grown, is guaranteed to grow the leaves without the benefit of artificial fertilizers.

In terms of its flavor, since green tea remains in a very natural state, it tastes more natural than black tea. Many people feel that organic tea has this "grassy" element to its flavor, which adds to their taste preference. It is rather pale in color, and can become bitter if over brewed. Green teas can have many variations in aroma and flavor, based on the selection of the tea leaf and the area in which the tea is grown.

The caffeine level in organic tea is less than that of other teas that are produced. Maintaining a jug of cold organic tea in your fridge lets you take advantage and appreciate its health and wellness benefits all day.


Green tea has been one of the most prominent drinks in Asian countries for centuries. However, in the Western parts of the world, black tea has been a lot more popular than green tea until recent years when the health benefits become more widely studied and accepted. Now the popularity of green tea has taken over the globe. As more scientific studies show the relationship between chemicals in food and increased sickness is becoming more prevalent. Therefore health-conscious people are taking more control over their choices of beverages as well as food. They are choosing organic more and more over products that are grown with dangerous pesticides.

The absence of fermentation makes green tea to look, smell and taste different from black tea. It normally brews to a light beautiful color and has a little bit of a verdant flavor and fragrance. This lack of fermentation also causes green tea to possess healthier properties and clear advantages than black tea. This difference suggests that the effective antioxidant remains in its most natural state; the state in which it provides extra protection to the body.

There are numerous eco-friendly tea selections with distinctive preferences. These teas are often enhanced with the presence of fruits and honey. A very popular complement to green tea is lime with raw unfiltered honey. When the flavor of green tea is enhanced with other fruits and natural herbs, it provides many pleasant and fun opportunities to experiment with recipes.

More and more people are enjoying the practice of brewing loose leaf tea which is in its most natural form. It can be enjoyable to prepare and it only takes a short amount of time to brew. Allow your tea to steep in hot water for about 1-2 minutes before serving. The best quality green tea can be brewed and steeped at least 2-3 times before you can dispose of it.


Benefits to the Body

Green tea has been proven to provide lots of health benefits for years. Among these benefits, consuming green tea with its anti-oxidants properties, is quite good for the skin, immune system, mental wellness and digestion. Its active ingredients are also helpful in the prevention of certain illnesses like cancer. Green tea is good for the heart and aids in reducing stress.

Consuming organic tea is a choice that would be particularly valuable for your overall health. One of the most crucial advantages to take into consideration is that when you stick to organic tea, you spare yourself the toxic nature of pesticides. Chemicals have a number of unfavorable effects on the body, including the endocrine system. On top of that, it has been proven that some cancers cells develop due to the fact that we are over exposed to the concentration of chemicals in our foods and drink. By consuming organic products, we protect our bodies from the consequences related to dangerous chemicals.


Take a look at our neighbors to the East. Green tea originated in the farms and plantations of Asia. Many Asian countries have the lowest incidences of cancer in the world. Consuming large amounts of green tea is said to hinder the development of cancer cells, and can even slow down its progression. Green tea has been studied and shows effectiveness towards improving conditions related to bladder, colon, rectal, esophageal, liver, lung, and prostate cancer cells, due to its natural concentration of nutrients and enzymes.

Another great benefit of green tea is that it aids in lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). Green tea has antioxidants that work with HDL cholesterol to assist in transporting poor cholesterol to the liver where it can be expelled from the body. Green tea additionally appears to prevent the development of abnormal blood clots, which is the leading cause of cardiac arrest and strokes. 

Green tea's combinations of catechins as well as caffeine promotes an improved metabolism and may also assist with weight-loss; moreover, it shows that utilizing green tea as part of a diet plan supplement can help avoid instances of the jitters, and quick heart rate better than other diet regimen supplements. It is also said that green tea may even aid in managing insulin in the body, which can be advantageous for diabetic patients.


Benefits for the Environment

Apart from the beneficial impacts on your body and health, it is also important to take into consideration that the consumption of organic natural tea provides several favorable impacts on our environment as well.

The organic certification of a tea agricultural estate makes certain that toxins from chemicals do not impact farms and plantations where the tea is cultivated. This ensures a healthier protection of the lands where tea leaves are grown. It also helps in minimizing the creation of greenhouse gases while protecting the biodiversity of the regions where tea grows.

It has been proven that using pesticides creates fumes that add to air, water and soil contamination. By going natural in cultivation, farmers are also spared from the toxic fumes from chemicals.

A recent legal case in the US resulted in a school groundskeeper with cancer being awarded over two hundred million dollars in damages due to his exposure to a widely known pesticide.

Overall, a powerful positive balance is obtained by growing tea naturally as a sign of regard for the environment as well as our future generations.

Finally, by consuming organic tea on a regular basis, you are honoring the best of nature while appreciating the value of a healthy body as well as a eco-friendly environment.

The bottom line is…you cannot go wrong with drinking lots of organic green tea!

Here's to your health and the environment!


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