Communi-Tea Project Between Harambee Art Gallery & UENDURE Tea Company


Communi-Tea is a collaborative project between Harambee Art Gallery & UENDURE Tea Company

Harambee Tea is a Limited Edition Tea and Art collection

The first series includes art sister pieces called "Community" and "Family"

​With guidance from tea connoisseur and company owner, Robin Boykin, Artist Charles Washington curated a custom blend of organic tea. Like all Harambee Tea, each blend will be partnered with original pieces created especially for the Communi-Tea Project.
Both companies were excited to create an opportunity to feature Art, Business/Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Community involvement to a wider sector of the community. 


This initiative includes:

Art - Charles' vision is to be able to offer his gift of teaching art and art appreciation to the next generation of aspiring artists, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed.

Business Ownership and Giving back - Robin wanted an opportunity to contribute to the community, while introducing more people to the healthy practice of drinking tea. 

Sustainability - The tea tins were donated by UENDURE and upcycled by Harambee Art Gallery, by creating an original artist's tea label.

Fundraising - The tea and original art sister pieces called "Community" and "Family" will be sold together to support our young artist mentorship program.

Cultural Awareness - We want to bring more awareness to the community on several levels by combining our respective gifts, art, sustainability, business, and health; which is why we called the tea Harambee Tea - 'pulling together'

"Our  goal is to lift up the community by identifying opportunities to be healthier physically, spiritually & culturally.
The project and principles of Harambee (meaning to pull together - a Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, e.g. fundraising/development activities) are well represented in this joint venture."