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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS We have compiled your most popular questions and consulted with our experts to bring you our best answers! Question 1: Does green tea contain caffeine? Answer: Yes, caffeine is present in green tea.  It is highly influenced by the types of leaves they originated from and their brewing time. The exact amount of caffeine in different green tea blends depends on how you prepare your tea. Because green tea also contains the calming amino acid called L-Theanine, you do not get coffee-like jitters. Another benefit of green tea is that it's been proven to improve...

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7 Great Health Benefits of Drinking “Matcha” Green Tea - UENDURE TEA CO.

7 Great Health Benefits of Drinking “Matcha” Green Tea

Matcha green tea is a very popular tea in Japan. The Japanese consume matcha green tea in their daily lives.  It is no coincidence that the Japanese tend to live longer and enjoy healthier lifestyles than many other populations.  In the U.S. matcha green tea is becoming more widely consumed, and its popularity is growing every year!  

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